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We have a dynamic range of career options where you’ll have an opportunity to help build our reputation as a world renowned Sales and Hospitality organization. We are an outgoing and passionate group that revels in the details that make us the hallmark in the wine and spirits industry.

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Tasting Rooms

Our tasting rooms are an ideal place to start your career. In addition to hands-on sales experience, you will receive extensive training in wine education. If you are a culinary school graduate, our tasting rooms are also a great place to quickly build upon your talents and experience. Many of our employees also come from luxury retail sales or customer service, looking for a dynamic change and better work-life balance. What matters most is your love for learning new things, meeting new people and of course, a passion for all things wine.

Wine Clubs

Our wine clubs serve their customers an intimate guest experience. It’s a great opportunity for savvy customer service professionals to grow and experience a world-class service organization, behind the scenes.

Wine Tours

People working in wine tours play an integral role of Gallo ambassador, guiding internal and external customers through our vineyards and tasting rooms. With you at the helm, we host industry experts, national buyers and even wine media professionals, providing them an intimate experience like no other.


Within hospitality, we help customers experience our brands in luxurious settings with wine talks and education, all in a similar experience to high-end restaurants. Our Chefs have found this balance just right, as they seek the iconic settings of living and working in the Napa Valley, Sonoma County or Central Coast, with the ability to balance work and life like only Gallo can.

Wine Tasting Rooms — An amazing place to start

If you start your wine career in our tasting rooms you can see a clear path for professional growth and advancement with us. Our education and training program is extensive and paced just right so that you can enjoy coming to work, while still having time for family and friends. One of the hallmarks of a career at Gallo is our spirit of Family. We’re family-owned and have been for nearly a century and family is everything to us. You’ll find endless support and lots of opportunities to grow and learn new things in your area and beyond. A career with Gallo can often span many areas and we’re really proud of that. You can change careers without ever having to leave, and many of us do.

How Can You Grow Your Career?

  • Start in a Wine Tasting Room

  • Advance to Hosting Tours

  • Grow with Tasting and Sales Education

  • Apply for our Wine Ambassador program

  • Accumulate Wine Certifications

  • Be asked to Represent Gallo at professional wine events

  • Be chosen to Speak at symposiums, wine events and be a true ambassador

  • Enjoy the fruits of your work and explore opportunities across our operations
    in the U.S. whether that’s sales, marketing, creative services or wherever your
    training has led you.

We have an impressive range of training and wine education programs for experienced professionals seeking an entirely new career who’ve held high level sales and customer service roles outside of the wine and spirits industry. Some of us come from luxury retail, resorts, restaurants, were chefs or sales pros from a variety of other industries. Wine attracts and unites people from around the world. At Gallo, you can explore entirely new dimensions in your career, in a culture that goes beyond supportive. We’re a true team. You’ll find us collaborating and sharing ideas all the time, enjoying our work and taking great pride in the passions we all share.

  • Learn about wine and spirits from industry experts

  • Work on exciting projects that bring delight to customers and consumers

  • Build skills and explore a wide range of stimulating challenges

  • Build relationships and meet new people from around the world

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