Our Candidate Promise

We know that your time is valuable and you deserve a seamless experience. Our commitment to you is a candidate-focused interview process where you feel prepared, informed and respected during all of your interactions with us.


Considering Applying?

1. Considering Applying?

If I see more than one job I’m interested in, can I apply to all of them?
Absolutely! We encourage you to review all our “Career Areas” and apply to any job in which you are qualified.

How long does the application process take and what information will I need to apply?
All you need is a copy of your most recent resume. The application process will take you an average of 30 minutes to complete. Having trouble applying? Please contact us at careers@ejgallo.com.


Applying questions?

2. Applying questions?

Is there a way to check on my application status?
You can view your application status by logging into the Gallo Talent Profile you created during the application process.

What is the difference between creating a profile and applying for a position?
Creating a profile is the first step in applying for a position or joining our Talent Community. Once you have completed your profile, you can apply right away or return to complete your application later.


My Application is in!

3. My Application is in!

What happens if I create another profile with a different email address?
No problem. Your Recruiter will be able to merge your profiles together.

While applying, I accidentally answered a question incorrectly and was automatically disqualified. What should I do to correct it?
Please contact us at careers@ejgallo.com and provide your name, the title of the job, and job ID.

How can I stay in the know about other job opportunities I may be interested in?
Join our Talent Community here and you’ll be kept in the loop when new jobs open that match your skill-set.

We value your opinion

At Gallo, we're constantly striving to maintain transparency and improve candidate experience. Do you have questions about your application status or feedback from your experience with us? We'd love to hear from you!

Curious about the Central Valley?

The Central Valley is conveniently located within hours of the beach, the mountains, San Francisco, and California’s famous wine country.

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