A Family Culture

A Family Tradition

There are many things we hold dear and Family is at the very top. You can feel it across our entire company. We are a family owned organization which empowers us to set a course that is unique and bold and best for our people. There are generations of family members that work and thrive at the Winery. You can see Family in the way we support each other at work, and at home.

We are one big extended family around the world and that inspires us to innovate and solve big challenges. Family fosters lifelong friendships, guides our vision of the future and makes coming to work really enjoyable. Whether we’re collaborating on projects, lending a hand, or just being there for each other we’re a family tradition. Our founders, Ernest and Julio Gallo, believed so strongly in the spirit of Family we can’t imagine our culture being so strong without it. Family brings us closer together and shapes the values we hold dear.

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Our values make us stronger and bring us together around the world:







A vision of Family for over 80 years

The roots of the Gallo family tree extend deep into the Winery and have helped us become the world’s largest family owned winery, and one of the most innovative. Ernest and Julio’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren work here today. They carry forward the work ethic and drive for quality and growth instilled by Ernest and Julio. The Gallo family continues to believe that family ownership is the way forward for our company.