Unique perspectives are the spark of new ideas

Around the world, wine and spirits bring people together. At Gallo, you can feel that energy throughout our entire organization. We view diversity as an opportunity to grow in ways that reflect the world we live in and it makes us stronger, more creative and always innovating. We are so proud that we all come from different backgrounds, work experiences and perspectives. As a company steeped in new ideas, we long ago recognized how important it was that our people feel empowered to be themselves at work. We are all at our best when we feel valued, respected and part of the community, and that is exactly how we operate here at Gallo.


Diversity & Inclusion Training

Harassment-Free Work Environment

An Open
Posting Policy

Job Shadowing, Mentoring And Development Planning

Respecting individuality is what our family values

A core value of E. & J. Gallo Winery is to be active in our communities where we work, live and play. We support education and youth development as well as civic and cultural organizations.

Volunteering in our neighborhoods

We encourage personal generosity through volunteering time to help others in
our communities. Employees devote their time and talents to community projects, including local schools, literacy programs, and walk-a-thon activities. Nothing
makes us prouder than to see our people involved doing good work where
they’re needed most.

Groups, Clubs And Organizations

Women of Wine (WOW)

An organization designed to connect female winery employees and whose purpose is to develop women by providing a forum that allows for strategic collaboration between cross-functional departments. WOW values positive relationships that can be fostered through sharing a common goal of striving for success.

Gallo African American Network (GAAN)

Designed to drive Gallo’s business by providing the support and networking opportunities that will contribute to their member’s success and development, GAAN also serves to promote good citizenship, community involvement and
civic leadership.

Gallo Equals Together (GET)

A group open to all employees of E. & J. Gallo Winery and its affiliates without regard to gender identity or sexual orientation. GET is designed to enhance and facilitate E. & J. Gallo Winery's presence in the business community by increasing recruitment, retention, marketing, and customer relations in the LGBTQ community. GET also promotes a positive awareness of the Company and its support of the LGBTQ community.

Gallo Veterans Organization (GVO)

The Gallo Veterans Organization supports veterans and those on active duty with a focus upon networking within the E & J Gallo organization.  Open to all interested Gallo employees, regardless of veteran status, the group values camaraderie and serves as an advocate for veteran’s affairs as it promotes positive awareness of the Company and its support of the veteran community.

We’re proud to be recognized as a great place to work, for everyone

Best places to work for LGBTQ equality 2016 logo
US Veterans Best of the Best 2017